I must admit, I’m always incredibly sceptical of new free-to-play games, but I’m glad I gave some time to WWE Supercard because now I’m hooked!

wwe supercard

WWE Supercard plays by the classic RPG law – You get out what you put in

WWE Supercard is an RPG card battle game where you’ll collect, level-up and strategically battle with real online player decks. These cards will each have power, toughness, speed and charisma points. You’ll be able to take 5 cards into battle at any time (each match will focus on different strengths) and it’s your job to put forward the best WWE Superstars for each match.

wwe supercard natalya card

WWE Superstar cards represent all current and recent generations as well as wrestling legends!

2K Games and developer Cat Daddy have also done a superb job at adding depth to the game by giving stat bonuses to correctly paired superstars, (for tag team matches) support cards that can boost specific stats for one fight and additional boost cards for use in the games King of the Ring tournament mode.


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wwe supercard battle

WWE Supercard is no ordinary card game. You’ll see WWE Superstar cards enter the arena, tag-in and perform wrestling manoeuvres!

New WWE Superstars, support cards and KOTR tournament boost cards are earned by both taking part in and winning matches. But the real addiction kicks-in when levelling up your deck. You can use more common cards (lower stats) to level-up rarer cards. Winning matches also gives you a better chance of being awarded new and more powerful WWE Superstar cards.

Yes, there are in-app purchases but the core game really doesn’t require it and more importantly, you can still level-up and continue to be competitive in all game modes without spending a dime.

wwe supercard wins loses

WWE Supercard may have in-app purchases but you don’t need them to progress. Put in the time and you’ll build on those wins

If you’re a fan of WWE, card games or RPG’s in general we really recommend you check out WWE Supercard. All the fun and competition of the very best console wrestling games have been captured and mixed with highly addictive RPG elements.

Keep it at D4G for advice on becoming a better WWE Supercard player!

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