The recent Game Developers Conference has given Dreamcast fans another reason to stock-up their PSN wallets. As well as an HD remake of Jet Set Radio Future, SEGA’s Ben Harborne, stated that they “may” be working on HD remakes of Shenmue and Skies Of Arcadia. Finally, it seems SEGA are taking the gloves off, pushing for top download positions on both XBL and PSN.

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shenmue hd remake

We can’t wait to get back into the world of Shenmue in HD! Exploring, investigating, Virtua Fighting…and collecting awesome Sonic figures!

Although nothing has actually been officially announced, you can bet that statement from SEGA’s brand manager meant Shenmue HD and Skies Of Arcadia HD are being worked on…but they’re just in no shape to promote right now.

skies of arcadia hd remake

The Skies of Arcadia HD remake will bring back traditional turn-based RPG’s. The Dreamcast classic was developed by the team that brought us the original Phantasy Star RPG’s!

Jet Set Radio Future HD is currently scheduled to be released in the summer. SEGA are reportedly having problems with a full and original soundtrack due to music licensing issues, but Ben Harborne did make clear that 70% of Jet Set Radio Furure’s original soundtrack has been brought over to the HD remake.

jet set radio future hd remake

Jet Set Radio Future, the very first cell-shaded release, finally gets re-released in glorious HD!

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