Game instruction manuals not only provide us players with essential control and gameplay information, they also seem to add to the overall value and satisfaction of our game purchases. Even now, it still seems strange opening a DVD that doesn’t contain any form of booklet or leaflet. Is it totally necessary? Well, not really. DVD’s don’t really require such a thing, but it’s that sad and empty space to the left of that plastic case, that makes you feel you’re missing something…

no psvita game manual

You won't be finding a manual booklet in any new PS VITA game

Games are obviously a lot more different from DVD’s. Manuals ARE necessary to help guide us in solo and online play. But how would you feel if a particular platform completely ditched the manual booklet? PS VITA is the first platform to actually do this, taking full advantage of the hand-held consoles Wi-Fi capabilities and simply allowing you to connect and download the full manual, instead. We must admit, although our first thought was that sad and gloomy feeling of emptiness, in fact…the positives easily outweigh that one negative feeling. Here’s why:

1) Game production costs will be reduced (although we’ll have to wait for a bit…the console has only just been released)

2) Pre Owned PS VITA games will be much easier to obtain in mint condition (no more ripped or missing manuals…because there arn’t any!)

Although many of us gamers will still need to get used to that empty space, it still spells good things for the platform, our wallets and our future game collections. Just be sure to connect your PS VITA and download that manual asap.