Reason 3: FPS Games on the PSVITA!

Gameboy Advance, DS and even the PSP/GO all struggled to offer a true FPS experience. Put simply…the consoles just lacked the horse power to thrust you into a believable perspective, with the enemies and weaponry to match. Finally, a hand-held has been released that possesses the brute strength to pull such games off! Get ready to blow s$&! up because the PS VITA has landed!

While many PS VITA games are still being created and remain behind closed doors, we still have one superb example of an incredible PS VITA FPS. Resistance: Burning Skies is due for release May 2012 and we have to say…it’s looking fantastic!

resistance burning skies ps vita

Resistance: Burning Skies will be the first FPS game for the PS VITA....and it's looking fantastic!

The PS VITA FPS takes place after the events of Resistance: Fall Of Man. The first thing you’ll notice are the graphics of this hand-held release…it simply doesn’t look like a portable version! The environments, enemies and weaponry are like that of a next-gen console release with highly detailed Hybirds and awesome explosive effects!

resistance burning skies hybirds

The environments, the enemies the's hard to believe this is on a hand-held console. Just look at the detail!

Although graphics may be the first focus for such a hand-held release, gamers will also need to feel comfortable with a friendly control layout. Yes, the PS VITA may be missing the R2 and L2 buttons but the PS VITA is also the first Sony hand-held to offer touch screen technology. This means that simple movement (jumping, crouching etc.) can be mapped to buttons, while more offensive moves (grenade tossing, melee etc.) are executed by simple on-screen icons. These touch screen commands have been placed directly above the analog sticks and at the bottom of the screen to ensure ease of use and keep the main perspective clear.

resistance burning skies weapons

Resistance: Burning Skies will offer all the explosive action you've come to love on your next-gen console!

With the power to create and pull the player into an immersing FPS world, the PS VITA is already proving to be one unstoppable hand-held force. Resistance not only looks next-gen, it plays like it would on a PS3! If you were still unsure of the PS VITA but love your FPS games…it’s time to embrace the power. No other hand-held could offer such an FPS. That’s a fact!

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