The XBOX ONE my have some new and exclusive IP’s in the works for 2015 but it’s always the existing IP’s that light the fire under last-gen gamers. Microsoft already have the Master Chief collection but with a new Gears of War game announced, aren’t Microsoft missing something?

gears of war trilogy remaster

Could we see a Gears of War Trilogy Remake? Love or hate them, it will really take advantage of next-gen hardware and tell its story to new next-gen players

Due to poor Wii U sales and a very successful MS exclusive, (Titanfall) there will be a certain percentage of XBOX ONE gamers that will be new to Microsoft exclusives. This would mean that a Gears of War remaster must be on the cards?


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I’ve always been a fan of Gears of War. I may not have liked how the trilogy ended or the quick cash-in of Judgement, (lets hope Microsoft learn from that) but playing remastered versions of Gears 1, 2 and 3 would be amazing! Experiencing Emergence Day in a new next-gen engine with the possibility of XBOX ONE exclusive extras is just far too tempting.

What do you think? Hit the comments section below and feel free to drop feedback on what you’d like a Gears of War Trilogy remaster to include. Hey, ever wondered why Microsoft are still yet to reveal anything on the new Gears of War? They could be busy with something else…

Oh, how about ‘The Marcus Fenix Collection’? No? Yeah, that does suck.