Techland’s new next-gen title (one of the 2015 titles we like to call ‘true next-gen’) is shaping-up to be something rather special. Dying Light has now been set for a Jan 2015 release but what’s really impressed us so far, is how the game is promising¬†more action and environmental stability for its free-runner gameplay mechanic.

dying light gameplay

Dying Light’s free-running mechanic will offer a huge variation of ways to evade, escape, kill and silently take-down. We can’t wait!

Gameplay Styles

Not only will Dying Light offer fast-paced action during the day (Dying light offers some impressive day and night cycle technology) but at night, you’ll need to completely change your gameplan.

dying light night

See what we mean? No roof or car top is gonna lose those freaks in a hurry. Once night falls, stay in or stay low!

Stronger, faster and darn right uglier things will be lurking at night and mindless free-running is only going to make matters worse. Well, it’s nice to know Techland are working hard on keeping the gameplay fresh. Expect Dying Light’s after-dark gameplay to be some of your most heart-pounding next-gen moments!


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Dying Light’s Next-Gen Detail

Techlands new IP is looking amazing. Weather, day & night cycles, zombie facial detail and the huge terrain are all coming together to help satisfy next-gen hardware investors. But did you ever get that yearning while playing Resident Evil, Dead Rising and other zombie apocalypse games? You know, that wish that the developer could have had the time and budget to make almost all zombie models unique, further adding to the realism?

dying light zombie detail

Techland are hard at work making their zombie models as unique as possible. This will help give Dying Light exceptional realism

Techland are putting in extra time making sure all those zombies you’ll climb, dash past, clunk and kick are dressed as differently as possible. This may sound like a minor tweak to some but it’s really not. Detail like this really helps the player to become totally immersed in Dying Light’s world and story. Nice touch, Techland!

Similarities with Dead Island

Dying Light will not only allow you to choose from 4 characters, it will also offer the 4 player co-op experience that made Techland’s original franchise so popular. As well as this, you’ll also be able to enjoy online competitive play. You may have already heard (on various preorder promo’s) that one such online mode will allow you to play as a zombie!

Are you looking forward to Dying Light? Hit the comments below and let us know why.