The Xbox 360 saw possibly one of the most unique and open horror games ever, with Deadly Premonition. The game (developed by Access Games and published by Rising Star in the EU) even holds a Guinness World Record as a ‘critically polarizing survival horror game’.

deadly premonition directors cut pc

It wasn’t that Access Games didn’t want to update the PC version of Deadly Premonition. They simply couldn’t. Read on to find out why

Fast forward 3 years and Deadly Premonition was given the ‘Directors Cut’ treatment. New scenes, DLC content and various control tweaks, enhanced the PS3 and PC versions.

However, the PC version released with serious resolution and game-breaking issues. Although a patch was released, the major issues still continue to plague the PC version. But before you start emailing Access Games, there’s a couple of things you should know:

– The Directors Cut editions of Deadly Premonition were never developed by Access Games. ToyBox Inc developed the PS3 and PC versions.

– We can now officially confirm that Access Games no longer own the Deadly Premonition IP. The intellectual property must have been sold before the PC release, but has also lead to some interesting merchandise on the Rising Star Games website.

deadly premonition playing cards

Rising Star Games have some pretty cool Deadly Premonition merchandise

Access Games would have also sold the Deadly Premonition IP to allow themselves to focus more on their new project – D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die.

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