The original Left 4 Dead hit our consoles back in 2008 and changed the way gamers looked at online and local co-op play. Unforgiving areas, tough boss enemies and level-to-level generated enemy spawns and weapon drops, meant that you had to stick together to have any hope at reaching that safe room. It was easily one of the best things to do online with pizza and beer!

left 4 dead 2 infected clowns

Valve made certain of two things with L4D 2: 1) It would never spawn a yearly franchise 2) Evil infected clowns (love them or hate them, it was awesome putting them down!)

Now, it’s 2014 and the Left 4 Dead franchise has only sprang back into the media with an arcade remake, exclusively for the Japanese market (Left 4 Dead: Survivor).  Nothing much has been said or released on this version but after only a 12 month gap between the original release and Left 4 Dead 2, many gamers are starting to worry that Valve have simply moved on to other projects.

left 4 dead 3 dev testing

The project leak that confirmed Left 4 Dead 3 was in the works (21st row down)

We think it’s safe to say that the 3rd instalment of Left 4 Dead is on its way and to help ease your minds, here’s why we’re so sure:

1) With the current hype and money generating from online multiplayer games (Call Of Duty: Ghosts/Advanced Fighter, Battlefield 4, Titanfall, ARMA 3 and Day Z to name just a few) would you honestly expect Valve to drop possibly one of the best team co-op experiences the gaming industry has ever released?

2) Valve have never really been into the old ‘pump a sequel/prequel out every year’ business model. Yes, Left 4 Dead 2 did release 12 months after the original but even Gabe Newell said Valve were never aiming for a yearly franchise and even confirmed a delay after the 2nd game.

3) The actual creator and developer of the Left 4 Dead series (Turtle Rock) handed over the rights of the franchise after parting with Valve (on good terms) once the second game had released. Turtle Rock went on to create a new IP (Evolve) but there’s obviously a good reason for Valve’s interest in the Left 4 Dead IP rights…

4)  News of Left 4 Dead 3 appearing in Valve’s future project reports, has been reported all over the net. Photos were uploaded indicating that Left 4 Dead 3 was currently in dev-testing under the new Source 2 engine.