Final Fantasy Versus XIII – The Rumour:

Square’s major AAA title, Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been canceled. It was reported that the game was abandoned by the company and in an attempt to save Square’s stock shares, the game was left to “fade away” rather than undergo official cancellation announcements.

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII – The Truth:

Whether this news was a cruel joke or carefully planned stunt, (to make-up for lack of E3 or TGS promotion) Final Fantasy Versus XIII has now officially been confirmed to still be in development!

It’s OK…stop standing at your monitor and sit down.

final fantasy versus xiii towns

Final Fantasy Versus XIII promises town design that will “knock you off your feet”. From what we’ve seen already…Square aren’t lying!

President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada tweeted this great news to followers. Not only did he confirm that the game was still very much in development, but he also went on to state that Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s city presentation would “knock you off your feet”.

So what caused such rumours? Do you think it was jealous competition, a cruel inside joke or do you believe it was one of Square’s first attempts at scrapping the XIII name and universe from the Versus brand? Remember, Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 may have sold well, but they are still regarded as weaker releases from the RPG giant.

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