Recent reports suggest that the one-man-army, Ryback is going to get the push he deserves! After making an awesome entrance into the WWE and making us cringe in amazement for the ‘other guy’ more than a Tony Ja movie, Ryback has added to the power and the body-count!

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It's dinner time for Ryback but will he be feeding on WWE's Face or Heel talent?

Earning his place through 2004’s WWE Tough Enough, several pro wrestling organisations and WWE’s NXT, Ryback (real name Ryan Reeves) has now been rumoured to be the next major Babyface of WWE. But although we think Ryback would be an incredible Blue-eye…are WWE scuffing their heels? Lets take a look at the WWE’s larger-than-life rooster:


John Cena, Shamus, Randy Orton, Brodus Clay, Triple H


Kayne, Big Show, Tensai

Kinda get where we’re going with this? WWE is crying-out for more larger, dominant Heel! Unfortunately, Brock Lesnar may still be working a UFC come-back (see our Brock Lesnar Return article) and all rumours of Batista’s come-back have fallen-flat. Yes, there are more heel superstars such as Jack Swagger, Drew Mcintyre and even the new Antonio Cesaro, but these characters just aren’t being used. Oh, and don’t forget…we still have The Rock coming back next year. Yet, more uber Face muscle!

WWE need more Heel and if Ryback is Face, then WWE have a serious Heel-crysis on their hands. There are only so many times people will pay to see the same stars fighting each other and recent PPV sales reports, reflect this. It’s no secret that good Heel’s give birth to and carry the Face, so we need to see new stars take our heroes on. We need new larger-than-life superstars with the Heel impact that Steve Austin, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Yokozuna had!

The good news is that JR is working hard on scouting new WWE talent. But lets just hope it’s to balance the sides out. WWE’s PPV future depends on it!

Ryback has worked hard to get where he is in the WWE and whether he lands major Face or Heel roles, we wish him all the best!

Know any talent that could make great WWE Heel? Who do you think WWE should bring back? Get posting and let us know!