Modern mobile handsets maybe becoming ever more powerful year after year, but there’s still one issue that Apple, Samsung and HTC have little control over…the dreaded touch D-pad. In past articles we’ve discussed how the touch D-pad can really work well with the mobile RPG, (see our RPG’s on your mobile article for more info) but what about games such as Max Payne and GTA III?

Worry not. GameKlip has you covered!

gameklip gta 3

GameKlip is the new mobile gaming accessory that will unlock EVERY Android games, true potential!

Is Mr Payne diving into walls? Does Claude keep playing ‘Chicken’ on Liberty City’s motorways? It’s time to give GameKlip a try. The device is a simple plastic frame that does two things. 1) It safely secures your mobile handset. 2) Once GameKlip has your phone secured, it then offers a secure Clip-bracket for your PS3 controller!

You no longer need to be fussy over what Android game you purchase! GameKlip will allow your PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller to either have a wireless connection to your mobile handset or a straight-forward wired one. This allows the GameKlip accessory to become compatible with many handsets.

gameklip wired back

The back of the GameKlip and how the wired version can help those with non-wireless compatible handsets

GameKlip has been officially announced to be fully compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S III. Many more handsets are said to be compatible but only the SIII has undergone sufficient testing.

Do you have the new GameKlip? Let us know what other handsets you’re successfully playing it with and if they’re wireless or wired connections? Get posting!