It’s no secret that the Wii U is seriously struggling against the XBOX One and PS4. Few gamers really understood what the Wii U could offer. Although the Wii U is far from dead and Nintendo should have a few tricks up their sleeve, (more on that soon) we can’t help but think what Nintendo’s next major console should offer.

Although a new Nintendo handheld or Nintendo smartphone are probably that path Nintendo would take, what if they were to grasp what they once had with the NES and Nintendo 64? What if Nintendo were at the forefront of gaming technology, once again?!

nintendo new console

The N64 is our favourite consoles of all time. Nothing has ever matched the hype Nintendo created with this 64-bit beauty. Could they do it again?

The Power of the New Nintendo Console

There’s no ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ option now. Nintendo would have to take their position at the start-line aggressively if they were to pull this off. Their new system simply MUST be more powerful than the XBOX One and PS4. We’re talking kick-ass CPU’s, GPU’s and RAM. Their launch games must drop jaws and give us the exact feeling we felt when reading about Mario 64, Pilotwings and that Zelda tech demo before the N46 launch (while it was still planed to be released as the ‘Ultra 64’).

Nvidia are free with AMD’s loyalty to current next-gen consoles. Imagine the partnership Nintendo and Nvidia could have…

The Media of the New Nintendo Console

new nintendo console cart

Do you know what would happen if Nintendo brought back the cartridge to the living room console? I’d lose all my savings, that’s what!

I’m sorry. I have to say it…I MISS CARTRIDGES! It’s half the freakin’ reason I’m obsessed with retro games! I know, I know, they were ridiculously expensive to manufacture and were limited in file size capacity (one of the reasons Square jumped ship to Sony with Final Fantasy 7). But…that was then. With PC hard drives and flash sticks falling in price (as well as leaping forward in capacity) could this be a good time for Nintendo to revive the cartridge for a new, next-gen leading system?

Cartridges would play on hardcore gamers nostalgia. If Nintendo couldn’t revive the cartridge…it would have to be the blu-ray way. Other forms of console-exclusive media (used for Gamecube and Sony’s PSP) would just scare publishers off.

Hard Drive Capacity

One of Nintendo’s biggest mistakes with the Wii U was releasing it with such limited hard drive space. Restricting customers to just 32GB with a premium console pack…really? It was an absolute joke once owners saw the size of digital games on the Nintendo store. A new Nintendo console would have to match sheer power with generous hard drive capacity. Go big or go home.

The Pad

Remember when Nintendo first revealed the Ultra 64? (before it’s name-change to Nintendo 64). One thing was missing…the pad. Nintendo weren’t stupid. They were the first to bring us the thumbstick and didn’t want any bugger stealing it before the consoles launch (like they all have now). Nintendo would once again, have to come up with an ingenious, contemporary design that Microsoft and Sony wish they had. They can do it…they always do (look at the 3DS stick).

C’mon Nintendo! Pick yourself up, dust those trousers off and show Sony and Microsoft just who they’re dealing with!

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