Will Titanfall Ever Be Sold On Steam?

Will Titanfall Ever Be Sold On Steam?

Titanfall was a huge release for both console and PC. The perfect blend of Mirrors Edge FPS mechanics mixed with Mech Warrior-like battleground support units, have made Titanfall one of the most unique and successful FPS releases for years. However, this is a subject that’s missing on Steam community boards…

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Could Valve’s Source Engine be the bargaining chip for Titanfall on Steam?

Many of you wil immediately be thinking that Titanfall will exclusively be sold through Origin…and we don’t blame you. The sci-fi FPS is indeed published by EA, so it would make sense for the game to be sold through Origin only. However, there is one major factor that could see Titanfall released on Steam in the future…the games engine!

Titanfall was developed using Valve’s ‘Source’ engine (one of the key reasons why Titanfall plays so well on lower spec PC’s). It may be an enhanced version…but it’s still based on Source. Valve created and own the Source engine (as well as the Steam platform).

Could the Source engine allow Valve to sell Titanfall through Steam at a later date, or did Valve shoot themselves in the foot when agreeing to a license fee during the paper-phase of Titanfall (before the game was known and all the hype started). Time will tell…

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