Scribblenauts Remix is possibly one of the most anticipated games for the Android…it’s just a shame the port hasn’t even been officially announced yet. However, after contacting 5th Cell, we did hear that the Scribblenauts developer is currently hard at work on Wii U and 360 titles.

Could we be looking at Scribblenauts Wii U and Xbox 360 releases? Could 5th Cell be hard at work developing Scribblenauts for Wii U controller and Kinect functionality?

scribblenauts remix android phone

Could we see Wii U controller and 360 Kinect versions of Scribblenauts, before Remix hits Android handsets?

5th Cell also went on to explain that once these Wii U and 360 projects were finished, only then could the developer consider a Scribblenauts Remix Android port. So, bad news for demanding Android gamers (us included) but potentially VERY good news for all us Scribblenauts fans!

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