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Max’s Power

Once the photography lesson ends, (where Max had the tornado daydream), you’ll slowly make your way to the rest room. There’s lots to interact with on the way. Pictures, trophy cabinets, lockers, vending machines, just about everything can be examined and Max will share her thoughts on just about everything and everyone.

After reaching the perfect location for a private meltdown, a quick splash of water isn’t quite enough for what Max is about to experience:

Yup, Max can not only capture life through a lens, she can bend it at will! However, with great power, comes great responsibility as Max will face many situations where she’ll be able to utilise this new ability to completely change how certain events play-out.

Spare a friend from a nasty bump on the head, question someone to then rewind (armed with better knowledge, for more potent questions) and even save lives!

The World of Life Is Strange

Max discovering this power is just a fraction of Life Is Strange. A missing girl and suspicious behaviour among both teachers and students, will put Max’s investigative skills to the test. One thing is for certain. Blackwell Academy has some dark secrets…

Life is Strange locations

Life Is Strange thrives from its artistic talents. One of my favourite locations saw me looking out (top right) over to where the games front-end, looks back across Arcadia Bay

Throughout Life Is Strange, Max will need to visit various locations around Arcadia Bay. Blackwell Academy will fully open-up, becoming the games primary focus as the episodes progress, but you’ll also explore other streets around the bay, dinners, scrap yards and more. Each of these locations may have limited boundaries, but its the characters and possibilities within those boundaries, that make Life Is Strange such a joy to play.

Life Is Strange truly is the modern ‘point and click’ adventure. You’ll not only want to help Max, you’ll really care for those close to her and because of this, you’ll be lured-in by its very real and deep ‘choice and consequence’ system. But don’t be fooled into thinking that absence of QTE’s, mean no drama or adrenaline. Not only will emotions run high, but one moment (in the 2nd episode) was just as powerful (if not more) than any recent superhero action scene.

Dontnod will not only amaze you with stunning artwork. Just when you think you’ve connected the dots, the plot will suddenly change gears, spin you around and hook you up by your feet! This is one game you’ll be thinking of long after you’ve put the controller down. Stories like this are perfect for such an episodic structure and Life Is Strange is the greatest episodic journey I’ve been on thus far.

<Page 1 – Life Is Strange: Why you should play