At first glance, Speed Link’s TORID pad is very similar in design to an Xbox 360 pad. Eight meter wireless range, turbo fire ability, force vibration and even compatibility with the PS3, make this a very appealing 3rd party pad.

torid pc wireless pad box

Speed Link’s wireless TORID pad for PC, offers some very impressive features

TORID unboxed

Once unboxed, we get the wireless USB nano receiver, charge cable and driver disc. This day and age, it’s always better to hit the official site for the latest driver software. This was very easy to obtain from Speed Link’s website. Once the TORID had been left to charge for 3 hours, a quick insert of the USB receiver was enough to get us synced and ready for gaming.

As you may have guessed, the TORID pad syncs (and turns on) just like a 360 controller. Hold the centre ‘Speed Link’ button until the green light flashes, and you’re ready to go. The USB charge cable is around 94cm in length (from base of connectors – 103cm overall). You can even charge it via your PS3, 360, PS4 and Xbox One. Very handy if all your PC ports are in use.

Feel and comfort of the TORID Gamepad

Not only does the TORID share a 360 design, it actually feels like one. A generous design, leaves space for larger hands and good quality rubber padding (to each side of the TORID), mean a comfortable and firm grip during multiplayer (perfect for playing as the monster in Evolve!).

torid pc wireless controller

The comfort and overall feel of the TORID, is very impressive for a 3rd party wireless PC great pad

The TORID some impressive thumbsticks. Unlike so many other 3rd party pads, these are comfortable to use. The shoulder buttons and triggers also feel much better than most, but are quite loud to the press. However, the Y, B, A and X buttons do feel very solid for a 3rd party budget pad. Overall, it feels and plays very well.

torid pc pad buttons

The D-pad may be a little stiff and sluggish but the main buttons and thumbsticks are pretty solid

XINPUT and DIRECTINPUT settings, allow the TORID to be adjusted to play pretty much all Windows games (many with little or no customisation).

D4G’s review of Speed Link’s TORID Wireless PC pad:

The TORID really did impress us. The design is mostly solid with thumbsticks and primary buttons that really stand-out among other 3rd party PC and PS3 pads. Other features aside, it’s the feel and feedback that really matter and the TORID not only delivers, it goes above and beyond to offer extra value as a PC and games console controller.

Once you add those other features to well over 10hrs of gaming time, you can easily see why this is one of Speed Link’s bestselling products. Better still, you can get hold of the TORID for under £25. Not bad for a single solution to lower cost PC and console gaming.

D4G review 4 out of 5

BUY IT: A solid pad for both wireless PC and PS3 gaming – Fast and simple syncing from game to game – Great charge and play time – Comfortable design and feel – Great thumbsticks and main buttons for a 3rd party pad

CONSIDER: D-pad is not for hardcore Street Fighter fans – Shoulder and trigger buttons sound loud and springy (but we did test this for a good few months before review – with no issues)

This wireless PC/PS3 game pad was sent to us from Speed Link.