As well as PlayStation Plus for the PSVITA, Sony’s new hand-held will also be unleashing a huge catalogue of PSOne classics! Many PSVITA owners have been wondering what happened to the PSVITA’s PSOne compatibility, but Sony have not only announced some major classic titles, but have promised a console-selling line-up!

resident evil 2 psvita

Return to Raccoon City with Resident Evil 2 for the PSVITA

As from August 28th the PSVITA will become compatible with over 100 PSOne classic titles!

Officially announced titles – Updated 31st August 2012:

– Final Fantasy VII
– Metal Gear Solid
– Resident Evil 2
– Tekken 2
– Silent Hill
– Wipeout
– Crash Bandicoot
– Vagrant Story
– Ridge Racer Type 4
– Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus
– Arc The Lad
– Cool Boarders 2
– Hot Shots Golf 2
– Jet Moto
– Syphon Filter
– Tomb Raider
– Tomb Raider 2
– Twisted Metal 2
– Wild Arms

More PSOne titles will be announced soon, so bookmark this page for more updates!