Nintendo are renowned for revising and re-releasing their consoles. Looking back to the original DS and forward to the New 3DS, Nintendo have always offered cheaper, smaller or better performing hardware revisions of their bestselling products. Now, the Switch is getting the same treatment (and we’re not on about the Switch Lite).


Reports are in that this is the very box of the new Nintendo Switch. However, we’d still recommend checking the serial and model number (below), just in case

How to spot the new Nintendo Switch console

1. The model number

All you really need to remember is that the consoles model number will have an additional ‘(-01)’ at the end. It will look like this on the box:

HAC-001 (-01)

The old Switch consoles will simply have the following model number:


2. The serial number

The second way is to take a look at the first three letters that the serial number begins with:

NEW Console: XKW

Old Console: XAW

Other ways you can tell a new Nintendo Switch console

Reports are in that the new console has an all-red (bright red) box. However, this may be different from country to country, so a safer bet is to go with the Nintendo Switch’s model and serial numbers (above).

…and that’s about it! Take a note of those model and serial codes and get hunting!