The avid gamer is constantly searching for ways to improve their skills, learn more about their favourite games, and seek opportunities to experience new technology. There are a lot of places and events where you can learn about gaming. In this article, we’ll tell you about some well-known and lesser-known gaming events that every gamer needs to attend!

Gaming Convention

Gaming conventions are among the most popular type of gaming events, and it’s no wonder why! Where else can you demo new games and technology (speaking of new tech, check out our reviews of SSD load times vs regular hard drives), meet celebrities, and collaborate with your local gaming community? Plus, if you’re even remotely close to a city, there’s more than likely a gaming convention nearby. Here are some of the top gaming conventions in the world to inspire your next vacation (or staycation) destination:

E3: June 11th -13th, 2019 in Los Angeles
San Diego Comic-Con: July 18th – 21st, 2019 in San Diego
Fan Expo Canada: August 22nd, 2019 in Toronto
Gamescom: August 20th – 24th, 2019 in Cologne, Germany
MoGa Expo: August 10th, 2019 in Anaheim
Spring Play: May 18th, 2019 in New York
GamesBeat: April 23rd – 24th, 2019 in Los Angeles
LA Games Conference: May 8th, 2019 in Los Angeles

You’re sure to find a strong sense of community no matter where your gaming convention is located.

Community Day

Pokémon Go has taken over the gaming world. It has united players young and old, who are all embarked on a journey to “Catch ‘em All!” But did you know hundreds of players get together to flex their skills in parks, near monuments, and around neighbourhoods all over the world during Pokémon Go Community Days? These days take place in nearly every city each month.

Gaming Think Tank

Are you so passionate about gaming that you’re thinking about formulating your career around your love for video games? If this sounds like you, attend a game developer’s conference to learn whether or not gamine is the scene for you. Learn from the industry’s best about everything from game design, to tutorials, to the latest technology.


Pub Crawl If Pokémon Go Community Days aren’t enough, check out this Pokémon Go bar crawl that San Diego Comic-Con goers dubbed as one of the most fun and successful events the convention had to offer. But if you’re looking for more frequent gaming party events to attend throughout the year, download an event calendar app to keep you in the loop with events happening in your area.

Gaming Workshop

Trying to hone your skills? Many cities hold gaming meetups and workshops to foster a sense of community, and which also allow gamers to improve their skills and reach record-breaking scores. You can also join Facebook groups to find other gamers in your area to collaborate with and learn from.

Competitive Gaming

Event Ready to show off those legendary skills you learned at your gaming workshop? (check out our Apex Legends tips to hit the ground running). Once you’ve fine-tuned your reflexes and reached top-scores, consider making your next venture a gaming competition. Not only will you be able to demonstrate your own skills, but you might even learn something new from your friendly competition.

Cosplay Party

If you’re lucky enough to have a local community of gamers in your area, you’ll have to add attending a cosplay party to your gaming event bucket list. Of course you’ll need a cosplay costume to dress the part, but that’s the fun in it! Need some inspiration? Here are some of the most popular cosplay costumes of 2019:

Devil May Cry 5 LADY
How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Hiccup
Batman Ninja Bruce Wayne
Princess Zelda

In Conclusion

If gaming is your everything, and you’re committed to your craft, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate your passion into every facet of your life. Whether you decide to design games professionally, attend gaming conventions casually, or compete fiercely, there are tons of things for you to fill your social calendar with! Simply follow these tips and uncover some gems of your own, and you’re sure to be even more of a gaming aficionado than you ever even dreamed of.