When the RetroN5 had an update revealing at PAX back in April, we heard first news that the consoles outer design had been reworked to accommodate not only the pad, but the Mega Drive/Genesis converter.

sega mega adaptor retron5

The Sega Power Base Converter/Mega Adaptor/Master System Converter has been confirmed to have 100% compatibility with the RetroN5

At the time, the add-ons compatibility (add-on sold separately) was in heavy development and retro gamers were still unsure if Hyperkin could pull this off as well as offer 100% compatibility across 9 other retro consoles!

Well, we’re delighted to let you know that Hyperkin have official announced to us that the Power Base Converter (also known as the Mega Adaptor and Master System Converter) will be fully compatible at launch!

Stick with D4G for more official news on the RetroN5 console.

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