After playing Telltale’s superb Walking Dead, The Wolf Among us was a must-play. However, there was one issue…I’d played The Walking Dead on my PS3 and had just purchased The Wolf Among Us on Steam. Was the jump from pad to mouse+keyboard going to ruin my experience?

NPC Interaction and Investigation with The Wolf Among Us PC

wolf among us pc vs console

Character interaction and investigation is perfectly suited to the keyboard and mouse

As you would imagine, conversation and exploration is effortless with the mouse. It’s a simple case of point-and-click and it’s really what a game like The Wolf Among Us was designed for.

The Wolf Among Us PC QTE Movement Controls

wolf among us pc quick time events

Action sequences in the PC version of Wolf Among Us still deliver with the good old keyboard. It’s not about random letters, it’s about direction.

Player movement is kept straight-forward with your standard keyboard directional controls (W, S, D and A). Any time Bigby is forced to hastily move or evade attacks, you’ll be prompted to use these keys. Wherever the on-screen arrows point…hit that direction. Easy.

QTE Fighting Controls for The Wolf Among Us PC

wolf among us pc action

Offensive actions are much smoother with the mouse. Simply point and click to tear him a new one…a few times…

This mechanic turns out to be super-smooth and less frustrating than a pad. Once those circular icons appear on-screen, simply move your mouse towards them. You’ll feel like a fairy tale bad-ass and the only things you’ll need to worry about are evading and making a decision before the timer runs out. Yes, you can pause the game but that’s technically cheating (so slap yourself in the face for thinking about it, you filth!).

wolf among us pc qte

The keyboard wasn’t designed for ‘button mashing’. So, for those couple of moments where you realise it won’t make a difference, (you’ll know when) go easy on ‘Mr Q’

All in all The Wolf Among Us for PC is actually a much┬ámore fluid experience. I must admit, I was expecting QTE’s to demand random key mashing across half the keyboard. Thankfully, it’s all to do with the directional keys and your mouse (with ‘Q’ being the one button you mash when you’re knee-deep in the brown, squishy stuff).

Whatever version of The Wolf Among Us you play, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy it.