The PS3 and Xbox 360 introduced us all to next-gen accessories. Wireless game pads and rechargeable packs made it much easier for hardcore gamers. BUT…are you getting tired of a strained back or numb backside while sitting on the floor, charging your PS3 pad? The answer is simple…a much longer PS3 charger cable!

ps3 play charge cable

The retail version measures in at 2.8m still leaving room for improvement for many gamers living rooms. The bundled PS3 Play and Charge kit only measures in at just 1.25m! It should have been bundled with a cushion!

Microsoft’s play and charge kit offers around 2.9m of charging cable, but even though it just pips the PS3, they still may be far too short for many gamers living rooms or bedrooms (remember that HD TV’s are now HUGE so you should be sitting at a sensible distance). This means that without some form of extended PS3 Charger cable, many gamers will still be playing on the floor. Not good.

Not everyone likes to leave their pad to charge (especially when you have to leave your PS3 on!) and sods law will make the PS3 pad low on juice when starting that new game or encountering that uber boss.

god hand boss fight

God Hand is now on the US PSN PlayStation 2 Classics section. A game where you'll certainly want to sit comfortably and focus (not on the floor)

If like us, you’re frustrated with back sprains, neck sprains (most common among floor-playing gamers) or numb buttocks while you frantically pummel bosses, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ll soon be offering longer PS3 charger cables to our readers. Yes, extended PlayStation 3 play and charge cables so you can sit wherever you like in that living room or bedroom of yours!

We’ll keep you updated on the release of our extended PlayStation 3 charger cable. Also check out our new Cheaper PS3 Accessories section. D4Gameplay will soon not only offer more affordable versions of popular accessories, but improved ones too!