Released to us UK gamers on 3rd February 2012, NeverDead is a third person shooter that puts you in the boots of an immortal demon hunter named Bryce Boltzman. But while the game has received a mixed bag of reviews, it seems the rockin’ soundtrack and limb dismemberment has caught the attention of many gamers as you may now find it hard to obtain a new copy (but don’t worry, we currently have pre owned stock of NeverDead).

To reward the millions of gamers that scooped-up the first shipment of Never Dead, Konami have released the games first DLC. But instead of just a few new pick-ups or additions to a characters wardrobe, (that so many games have us all paying out for) this DLC will introduce a new playable character! Pop star Nikki Summerfield is now a fully playable character and can be used in co-op challenge missions with this new DLC!

neverdead dlc nikki summerfield

Nikki Summerfield lends a hand in the first NeverDead DLC

As well as a playable Nikki, the first DLC will also include an expanded version of the Asylum level with the addition of new modes. But DLC wouldn’t be DLC without a few new costumes, so Konami have made sure Bryce’s wardrobe is packing a few new styles.

NeverDead DLC Volume 1 is available to download now on XBL and PSN.