Hands up how many of you have downloaded a Dreamcast Emulator? Not the same is it? Shenmue, Blue Stinger, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, are just a few reasons why we all typed “Dreamcast Emulator” into Google. It’s a shame hardly any of them actually worked and if they did, they had graphics or sound issues.

How great would it be if you could simply log into PSN or XBL and download the bestselling Dreamcast games! They wouldn’t require hardly any hard drive space (when compared to next-gen games or the new 360 and PS3 hard drives) and both developer and publisher can still make money for future game development.

shenmue psn xbox live

Easily one of the greatest games ever made and also responsible for the equally awesome Yakuza 3! (more on that superb title, later)

Shenmue amazed as all with it’s huge budget and immersive world. Never before did starting again from a check point, make you realise that it was “just a game”. But…but it wasn’t…..was it? But for many, the main question is…will we ever come to a conclusion within the Shenmue world?

blue stinger psn xbox live

Blue Stinger was a very underrated game that offered incredible graphics, awesome weapons and gameplay twists

Blue Stinger was one of the first games that really went for a movie-like title introduction and presentation. It was very high budget for its time and game genre, but never seemed to get the reviews it deserved. REMAKE PLEASE!

crazy taxi psn xbox live

YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAAAAAHHHHH....it's Dexter Holland from the Offspring...er...we mean Crazy Taxi!

The driving game that said “Screw you” to customisable cars, fully licensed car manufacturers and realistic handling. Crazy Taxi was one-of-a-kind and has earned its place as one of the greatest driving games, ever!

dead or alive 2 psn xbox live

The Dreamcast offered an impressive collection of fighting games

Ah, the countless hours making Kasumi bounce up n’ down and unlocking sexy costumes….er…we mean…learning new fighting moves and strategies, of course!

Dreamcast Games on Xbox Live and PSN – Getting it done

Problem 1: IP Ownership and Publishers

Obviously there are many more memorable Dreamcast games and we just wish they could make their way to next-gen systems. Two of the biggest draw backs are title ownership and controls. Microsoft or/and Sony need to approach publishers and developers and ask “how and when” this can be done. Publisher/Developer contracts may have to be bought-out or adjusted for such downloads to become reality, but such companies have to be approached to get the “ball rolling”.

Problem 2: Controls

Dreamcast games were built around the VM Unit controller, so this has to come into consideration for the ports. This may mean having to adjust controls completely, but what if Sega, Microsoft or Sony, could release a Dreamcast controller exclusively for downloadable Dreamcast games? The first concern would be production costs vs sales, but c’mon…the Dreamcast library would leap onto gamers hard drives, meaning substantial sales for such a controller. Also remember that the VMU wouldn’t be necessary, so that would cut costs further.

While on the subject of cost-cutting, we certainly wouldn’t mind playing with a wired pad again, if it meant the possibility of playing downloadable dreamcast games on Next-Gen consoles!

dreamcast ps3 xbox 360 controller

Would you buy a PSN/XBL controller exclusively for downloadable Dreamcast games? We would!

For such licensing and merchandise to be a true success, Sony and/or Microsoft would have to really focus on adding all the bestselling Dreamcast titles (not the occcasinal one here and there, as with PSone Classics). Only then would the pad idea be a great accessory.

With or without an exclusive pad, lets hope we see more Dreamcast titles on XBL and PSN, soon.