Saints Row: The Third is Volition’s latest sandbox adventure. Packed full of babes, guns, pimps, gangstas and even pornstars, (with Sasha Grey lending her talents for the latest installment) Saints Row The Third has left GTA IV standing in terms of adult fun. To be honest, we’re actually surprised that Saints Row: The Third (you can now buy Saints Row: The Third pre owned with FREE delivery) never even came close to the controversy of GTA IV or Modern Warfare 2!

A great opening sequence, character customization (and being able to recreate whenever you felt like it) and sex appeal helped Saints Row: The Third to not only ship 3.8 million copies, but to break the digital sales record for THQ. But do you want more? Of course you do! That’s why THQ and Volition have released two new DLC packs for Saints Row: The Third with one on the way!

Genkibowl VII

Gamble with your very life and enter the world’s most insane and bloodthirsty game show! Play as Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, Sad Panda Skyblazing, Apocalypse Genki, and Super Ethical PR Opportunity. While you’re busy staying alive, listen to commentary by Zach and Bobby and their new side-line correspondent Tammy Tolliver.

saints row third genkibowl vii

A panda running around with a chainsaw!? Perfectly normal in Saints Row: The Third...

Available from XBL and PSN now!

Gangstas In Space

The second Saints Row: The Third DLC thrusts you into the world of Hollywood! Become the star of Gangstas In Space and defend the world from scantily-clad alien babes with laser guns a spaceships!

saints row third gangstas in space babes

Save the world from scantily-clad alien babes in Gangstas in Spaaaaaaaaaaccee!

New homies, alien gangs, spaceships and alien weapons will be available for the main game with this DLC!

Available from XBL and PSN now!

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