Yup, if you’d bet on it you wouldn’t have won squat due to the odds, but ‘Modern’ has finally became ‘Advanced’. Just one year after Call of Duty Ghosts (but after 3 years of next-gen development by different developer – Sledgehammer Games) the next COD will be here!

cod advanced warfare steam

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now available to pre order on Steam

Instead of issuing a separate developer the job of online multiplayer, (a thing which didn’t work out for the Medal Of Honour reboot) Sledgehammer have opted to hand over current-gen development to a different developer, instead. This could well turn out to be a stroke of genius as multi-gen development can seriously slow down the process of any game (especially when you’re already developing for multi platforms).

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare may not launch until November but it’s already available to pre order on Steam! Specs have only been updated to the obvious, right now (OS and DX 11) but you can bet you’ll need a GTX 750 Ti, quad core CPU and 4GB RAM at least.