While Techland are busy with Dying Light, Yager Development have been handed the reigns for Dead Island 2. With a fantastic looking engine and the new location of California (which isn’t an island but hey, that means bigger and better environments!) Dead Island looks to be a must-buy for fans of the survival horror genre.

dead island 2 logo

Notice the absence of the hanging survivor? Yager want you to think more ‘Zombieland’ than ‘The Walking Dead’

However, it may seem that Yager Development have made online co-op a top priority by letting the fun take centre stage. After Spec Ops: The Line, the developer no longer want the dark and deep approach to characters and storyline. Instead, they want the players main focus to be on the weapons, the upgrade system and of course…the (now more fragile) zombies!

dead island 2 trailer

The trailer to Dead Island 2 was a far-cry from the originals dark and morbid tone

What do you think? Are Yager Development right to let the online co-op lead or would you miss the more realistic moral choices and hard-hitting plot? Hit the comments and let us know!