Recent reports suggest that games retail giant GAME have suffered credit problems, leading to no pre-order stock (or any retail stock) of Mass Effect 3. Major 3DS titles and The Last Story (Wii) have also been scrubbed from GAME’s stock and pre-order lists.

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Is this just a stunt, a phase or are GAME seriously in trouble?

GAME and Gamestation are actually owned by the same company. You may have noticed that as soon as one goes down for maintenance, the other shortly follows. But what does this mean for the business in its entirety? Does this mean both GAME AND Gamestation are under threat of closure?

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Life wasn't just work to GAME WAS a game! We sure hope they'll pull through this!

Last week you may have received an email from Gameplay offering you a cool £5 voucher. Unlike most vouchers, (that ask you to spend £40 first) this £5 discount can be used against an order of just £10 or more. But that wasn’t really the issue that everyone was taking about here. It was the very reason for that voucher…the merging of Gameplay and Gamestation!

This shocking move means that Gamestation will remain. Does this recent merge mean that Gamestation is safe? Will this mean GAME will close and Gamestation will go on to become the UK’s only games retail giant?

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Could Gamestation become the UK's only games retail giant?

What are GAME and Gamestation playing at? What are your thoughts on the recent GAME stock situations and Gameplay & Gamestation’s merge? Get posting!