We all know Call of Duty is one of the best selling next-gen game franchises of all-time. We all know their multiplayer maps are just as popular (with First Strike selling 1.5 million in its first 24hrs of release!). Yet, while we all know such DLC is way over priced, (costing almost 25% of the actual games RRP for a few map designs) we all still throw our hard earned cash at them.

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Rob Riggle was great in The Hangover (and this ad) but is he selling Call Of Duty Elite to you?

Call Of Duty Elite is the latest brainstorm from Infinity Ward / Sledgehammer Games. Instead of asking you to pay that 25% of the full games RRP, (we now offer Modern Warfare 3 pre owned with FREE delivery) they’re now offering us gamers the chance to download all 20 DLC add-ons released in 2012 for £34.99. So, is Call Of Duty Elite worth this price? Lets take a look at what you get:

20 DLC Releases: All DLC map packs released throughout 2012

D4G Says: The DLC packs are obviously the main selling point to Call of Duty Elite. A separate download total of around £45 justifies Elite’s asking price.

Regular Call of Duty Competitions: Compete for “prizes and Digital Trophies”

D4G Says: The digital trophies may appeal to some but a premium cost for such a thing is very risky. The main attraction here are the “prizes” but unfortunately we have no idea what they are. Could they be in-game weapons, t-shirts, officially licensed pads or consoles? The problem is that we can’t really justify this premium perk until we know exactly what those “prizes” are.

Exclusive Clan Benefits: Clan level benefits and exclusive game emblems

D4G Says: We have the same problem here with a hazy description. Exclusive game emblems are pretty cool (especially when you can customize around them) but again, it’s hard to justify with “clan level benefits” when the customer isn’t presented with a detailed description.

Expert Strategy: Watch the expects with video tips on strategies and weapons

D4G Says: Finally, something that can stand next to the incentive of DLC. We all want to get better at Call of Duty and this is the perfect way in which to do so! We’ll probably head here immediately after downloading all available DLC!

Early Access: Test new beta phases of Call Of Duty Elite

D4G Says: Being as most beta releases are free, (and therefore should be offered with the free COD Elite registration) this is good to know but in no way deal maker.

Premium Theatre: Elite offers 6x more HD movie capacity!

D4G Says: We have a 3rd winner! What’s better then learning a new strategy and executing it to perfection on your foes? Showing the community how you did it! With 6x more HD movie capacity, we can all show-off our reaction speed while saving our hard drive space at the same time!

Call Of Duty Elite TV: Episodic content made by the COD community

D4G Says: Other multiplayer games have really made something from similar episodic creations. This will finally give the chance for Call Of Duty material to really shine and get noticed amongst the community.

D4G on Call of Duty Elite:

After examining a detailed breakdown of COD Elite, we can safely say that it’s strictly for the hardcore multiplayer gamer. If you’ve played the odd map pack here and there, Call Of Duty Elite’s £34.99 price tag may not be for you. However, if COD multiplayer takes up a majority of your consoles use and you have every map pack so far (or want them all, but were patiently waiting for price drops) then Call Of Duty Elite is well worth the cost.

To hardcore COD multiplayers, Elite offers 20 DLC map pack add-ons (saving you £15) and gives you expert advice on improving you game, with 6x more space for your HD kills AND throws-in a few laughs with the COD community.

To the multiplayer enthusiast, Call Of Duty Elite is highly recommended as it improves both the fun and professional aspects of the game.