The ‘Tent’ is as crucial as the ‘Phenix Down’ in the world of Final Fantasy. Although many of our much-loved classics simply used text (with no 3D or 2D representation of these items), it’s always been interesting to see how Square advance these items in future releases.

final fantasy xv camping location

The icon still represents the classic ‘tent’ item but the entire process has been upgraded for the better

Final Fantasy XV does exceptionally well at not only making this feature more realistic, but far more believable within its own exposed and hazardous world. The first thing you’ll notice while playing is that camping can’t be used just anywhere. Specific areas that are flat, elevated and clear are magically sealed to ward off anything or anyone that means harm.

ffxv camping

Encouraging your team to rest to level-up and take advantage of status boosts is a much-welcomed mechanic to the series

Campsites also double as save points (we still wonder if Square will introduce a manual save system, though). Once you’ve selected your campsite, it’s time to enjoy a hot meal and get some sleep. This is where the new Tent mechanic really shines for me. You’ll see yourself (Noctis), Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto all sitting round a fire, chatting to one another as they tuck-in.

final fantasy xv caravan

Caravans are also available to rent it towns. They may cost but give essential EXP boosts. Well worth noting if you desperately need to level-up your party

See it in action

Check out this short clip of how the camping and level system works. Also, listen out for a familiar and much-welcomed bit of music:

Final Fantasy XV won’t have your party level-up out on the field. Instead, after every encounter you’ll see EXP gained but it won’t be used to boost your level until you camp and save. Camping meals also give you daily status and EXP boosts, so it’s worth stocking up on meal ingredients (dropped by certain enemies or purchased in stores) and camping frequently.

It may be a small part of the overall adventure, but the realism and sense of safety (further enhancing the sense of vulnerability), make the camping element a major part of FFXV.

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