Square’s Final Fantasy 15 and Type 0 are currently the most anticipated RPG releases from the developer. Type 0 is set to launch this month, offering access to a FF15 demo later in the year.

One thing is for certain. Both games will fly off the shelves on release (especially with the FF15 demo acting as the ‘dangling carrot’). So, when can we expect both games on PC?

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Final Fantasy 15 on PC

Will we see Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy Type 0 for PC?

Steam alone has catapulted PC gaming back into clear view of leading games developers. Resident Evil, GTA V and Dead or Alive are just a few AAA titles that are now available on Steam, due to a huge boost in Steam members. Role Playing games are gaining more and more popularity with Witcher 3, Darkest Dungeon and Shadow of Mordor topping chart and preorder lists.

Although nothing has been announced on porting Final Fantasy 15 and Type 0 to PC, it would be a very sensible move for Square. Final Fantasy 15’s development costs must be through the roof and when added to the countless Final Fantasy releases for the past 8 years (during FF15’s long development), you can bet it would overshadow many other AAA developers expenses sheet.

ff15 demo steam

Due to better controller support, JRPG’s are selling much better on Steam. Final Fantasy Type 0 with the FF15 demo would do nothing but good for Square

Just think, Final Fantasy 15 demo access on Steam. Advanced graphic settings for both games (at 60fps)  and further funding for Square’s big release through Type 0 Steam sales.

Kinda’ sounds like a no-brainer to us!