As the hype surrounding Duke Nukem Forever thickens, we can’t help but add to the bubbling broth as we unleash some new in-game screenshots! Some are from movies you may have seen (but with much better quality), most will be completely new, but a fair-few will also give-away some gameplay elements!

Duke Nukem Forever – Effects, locations and big-ass aliens!

Lets start off with a shot you may be familiar with. The locations and enemies duke faces have been spread all over the net, by both 3D Realms ex-employees and Gearbox. Do we care? No… because the rain effects, stadium, big-ass enemy and even Duke Nukem’s gloves, look freakin’ awesome!:

duke nukem forever stadium boss

We all can't wait to leap up on top of it, and rip it's evil horns out!

We were all teased with Duke Nukem Forever casino screenshots and vidz, as far back as 1999! However, the following pic is from the updated game and we believe this shot is of Duke Nukem’s mansion! We’ve also heard that the pool table in the shot below, is fully playable!:

duke nukem forever casino

Violence, bad language, gambling and strippers. We're going to loose ourselves in Duke Nukem Forever...FOREVER!

Want to see a location prepped for blood, sweat and cool one-liners? The mine is a location that’s popped up allot over the past few weeks. The scenery and textures look great, but we fear a lack of strip-clubs and adult shops! Hmmm…maybe Duke will figure something out…

duke nukem forever mines

Better watch those pipe-bombs, or Dukes strip-club days are over

Lets explore those mines more closely and even get a peek at a partial HUD. We can make out an ammo and explosive meter and also an ego meter, (nice touch Gearbox) but there seems to be something representing dukes shades, to the lower left of the screen. Does this mean that Duke can take off and put on his shades at will? Could it even mean they even play a part in Duke Nukem Forever’s gameplay, with possible modifications?:

duke nukem forever mine cave

This shot gives us a sneak-peak at Duke Nukem Forever's HUD. Check out the bad-guy in the corner, who's just been "Duked"

Our next shot sees Duke dealing out some “whop-ass”, but without the explosives and big-ass guns. Dukes now using the environment to unleash hell on those stripper-kidnapping pigs!:

duke nukem forever mine car

Even when the Dukes outta still better run!

Next, we’re heading out of the mines and underwater. Yup! Dukes not only kicking-butt on land, but under the dark blue depths, too. Check out the big-ass evil sea thingy, that’s heading for Duke!:

duke nukem forever underwater enemy

Duke can kick-butt anywhere! He'll kick it in the cinema, in your local store, in the mines and even underwater where he can kick it in slow-mo!

Duke Nukem Forever – Off-Road!

You may have seen some shots of Duke Nukem’s monster truck, (which was totally unexpected) but you never pictured it hurtling down a motorway, did you! It’s not all rock and dirt in Duke Nukem Forever, as you’ll develop the need for speed in a monster truck, but with a shotgun and pipe-bomb at the ready:

duke nukem forever motorway

Burn-it down the motorway, looking for the next pig-face sucka!

Dukes truck may be big-ass, but gaps in the road are too! By the looks of things, you’d better keep your eyes peeled when burning rubber:

duke nukem forever monster truck

Whatever caused's BIG!

So that gap may be big…but the Duke always comes prepared:

duke nukem forever monster truck jump

C'mon, you didn't expect any normal monster truck with that Duke symbol on the back, did you?

Hey, did you ever notice the name of Dukes Truck? No? Maybe because Duke was causing so much havok, the truck may have needed a clean. Yup, that off-road environment is gonna be a pain for your paint work in-game. Let’s hope there’s a truck-wash somewhere close.

duke nukem forever mighty foot

"Mighty Foot" is the name of Dukes trusty monster truck. Look at it while it lasts, as off-road venturing will eventually obscure it from view

Too late:

duke nukem forever truck dirt

Well, killing stripper-kidnapping aliens, is much more fun than cleaning your truck, right?

Duke Nukem Forever – WTF!

It seems Duke Nukem’s Ego bar has pushed past bursting-point, as Duke wishes to even the odds by miniaturising himself…and his vehicle! You gotta love the Duke!

duke nukem forever mini buggy

Try and spot me now, you pig F$%#S!

You would’ve been forgiven for thinking the whole purpose of this, was for espionage. Nope…Duke likes a challenge and takes an alien head on…in a miniature buggy!:

duke nukem forever mini buggy fight

Hmmm...I can see him but he can't see me. Ah, to hell with it...BRING IT!

Duke may be driving a small buggy, but it delivers some big-ass lighting effects!:

duke nukem forever mini car

Nice lighting effects. So much for the stealth approach, eh. Seriously...the Duke doesn't give a S#!T!

Duke Nukem Forever – The aliens ride

They’ve made a gory mess of our towns, kidnapped our babes and most importantly, disturbed the Duke! But how did those pig F$%#S get here? Well, it may have gone something like this:

duke nukem forever alien ship

OWWWW! Aliens have landed! Let's bake them a cake!


duke nukem forever aliens

OH NOOO! They've gone all "Independence Day" on us...RUUUUUUNNNN!

Unfortunately there’s no new stripper babe pics, just yet. But we’re working on getting them! We’ll bring you more on Duke Nukem Forever, real soon.