Dead Rising 2 fans may have noticed slight problems with connecting to ranked matches in Terror is Reality. The online extra allows players to participate in a gory Gladiators-style game-show, which will see you up against 3 other players online, ripping zombie limbs apart for cash.

Dead Rising 2 TIR ranked match

Terror is Reality is an excellent way to build up some in-game cash...when it works...

Money now plays a major part in Dead Rising 2, as your characters daughter has been infected with the decaying virus and must receive regular doses of Zombrex. The drug protects against the zombie transformation, but only for 24 hours. To make things even harder, it can be quite difficult to hunt down zombrex without help and you’ll see yourself seeking-out pawn shops, in order to purchase the stuff. These stores may seem handy at first, but Zombrex doesn’t come cheap and in true Devil-May-Cry-style, it gets increasingly more expensive with every purchase!

Terror is Reality (TIR) gives players the chance to win and build up cash. You can then cash-out after playing and add whatever amount you’ve won, to your latest (or any) single-player story save (just take a while to make sure it’s the right one). Sounds good doesn’t it…well recently, no. Players have been experiencing problems connecting to online Ranked Matches (the only form of match where you can cash-out). Instead of slicing the undead up for the green, players have been presented with error messages, preventing them from even entering a Ranked Match, let alone cashing-out of one.

terror is reality ranked mathc error

If you tried connecting to a Ranked Match recently, you would have seen an error message when trying to connect

Fear not, Zombrex hunters!

Today, Blue Castle released a patch for Dead Rising 2 that seems to have solved the Ranked Match connection problem. Now you can go head-to-head with zombrex hunters from around the world and cash-out those Zombrex vouchers! Again…take your time when selecting what save-slot to cash-out to…believe us…

Whatcha waiting for…get online and get that green!