Hunting in Red Dead 2 can seriously make time fly by (and not just in-game time!) and with smaller game easily being the more challenging achievement, you first need to make sure you’re equipped for the job.

Once you’ve hunted several kinds of birds, you’ll notice that many forms of feathers begin to stack-up in your inventory. Remember, it’s the Flight Feathers that you need, so here are our tips on gathering and crafting those all-important Small Game Arrows:

Flight Feathers from Ducks

Ducks will also drop Flight Feathers and they are easier to hunt while in water but just make sure it’s very shallow, or you may not be able to pick them up!

Using larger animal carcasses as bait


Larger carcasses make perfect bait for birds. Just be patient, crouch and be ready. Flight feathers will bring themselves to you soon enough

Another trick is use the carcasses of larger animals (it’s pretty much bait for the birds). Let’s take a Deer for example. Once you’ve skinned it, leave its body and crouch and hide somewhere near. After a short while, Ravens Crows, Eagles and Hawks wont be able to resist and will land to feed on the carcass. Just sit back and take your best shot (and use Dead Eye to take down several at a time).

Bluewater Marsh

Check this out on your map and head to this location to see Ravens feeding on just about everything! Make sure your Dead Eye is full (and you have tonics/foods for top-up) and fire away. Not only are Ravens feeding on carcasses that were already there, every Raven you take down has a high chance of attracting more!

Remember, your cent goes a long way

Whatever you’re hunting (more so with the carcass tip if you’re miles away from Bluewater Marsh and not at camp for Quick Travel), make sure the wind isn’t carrying your cent in the direction of the desired kill. Even some birds (such as the Raven) can smell pretty well but although it’s unclear if Rockstar coded this into bird behaviour, it’s always safer to look out for this. Just press L3 and R3 at the same time to see the direction that Arthur’s cent is being blown and make sure it’s going in the complete opposite direction to the kill zone.

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