One thing that gets a retro collector weak at the knees, is the sight of a classic cartridge. These beauties were built to last! They don’t skip, fear finger prints or buckle under the pressure of a scratch. However, cartridges do have their ‘Kryptonite’…

retron 5 cart batts

Retron 5 is the safest option for the retro collector

While the circuitry and loaded rom may seem ever-lasting, the cartridge still needs juice to keep your precious saves. The built-in battery will provide a trickle of energy (when not inserted into a console) that will give the cartridge its own ability to preserve saves.

But what do you do once that battery dies?

There are 3 ways to counter this issue. The first 2 can be fiddly (and have a great chance at reducing the value of a rare/sought-after cartridge). The 3rd is the safest and our most recommend option.

1) You (or a specialist) can resolder a new battery section (along with battery clips) onto the cartridge board. Do a Search on ‘NES/SNES Battery Replacement Kits’.

Risk Level: HIGH – If the soldering isn’t done right, you can ruin the board. Not recommended for valuable game carts!

2) You can use some equipment and a little force to separate the battery from its clips, sticking a new battery into place. More on this method.

Risk Level: Medium – Collectors may not purchase a cartridge that has tape visible on the board.

3) You leave your cartridge as it is and still enjoy them on Hyperkin’s Retron 5. The console’s OS offers ‘save states’ that do not need the cartridges battery in order to save. Plus, you can save anywhere and at any time (perfect for those unforgiving retro games that had no save options!).

Risk Level: None! – You won’t even have to open your cartridge up. Perfect for retro collectors!

Well, we know what option we’ll be using. Keep those retro collections safe.

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