Steam Box has caused a lot of excitement online. The fact that such a tiny device can not only stream but locally play high-end PC games, is just fascinating. But how can such a small PC console get around GPU upgrades? Xi3 already reveled this answer at CES 2013.

piston steam box gpu card

In his right hand is the Piston Steam Box (without its case). In his left is a GPU card upgrade!

You see that card in his hand? That’s the upgradeable Steam Box GPU. Yep, AMD and Nvidia (the latter now also confirmed to be on board with Linux OS and related Steam hardware) will create exclusive GPU expansion cards purely for the Steam Box!

piston steam box gpu upgrade

BOOM! Fitted, upgraded and ready to give you desktop gaming awesomeness in your living room! Get excited. The upgradeable console is here!

If you look closely at the first image, you can even make out regular RAM modules. Easy graphics card and RAM upgrades are making the Piston Steam Box the first, truly upgradeable console. We haven’t been this excited about gaming hardware in a long time!

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