We have a sneak peek into how Steam Box manufacturers add upgradeability to their PC console systems. Think of a PC’s motherboard and now scale it down to almost the size of a CD case. What you’re left with is almost a card-like upgrade. This is called the ‘Backplane’ and you’ll soon be using this new technology for Steam Box upgrades, next year.

steam box backplane upgrade

Let us introduce the ‘Backplane’. This technology will play a vital part in Steam Box upgrades

Companies such as Xi3, have been able to drastically reduce the size and fully customise these mini PC consoles by separating the South bridge chip form the CPU and North bridge chipset. The result is a fully customisable, small gaming Steam Box unit that uses almost 90% less energy than your standard PC!

steam box cooling

This revolutionary cooling case system will allow the Steam Box to game safely using up to 90% less electric. That means more money for Steam!

Where’s the space for the cooling fan? This is the first thing that would probably spring to any PC upgraders mind. The Steam Box PC consoles don’t need huge fan systems. Instead, CPU and GPU cooling will rely on the Steam box heat sink case. This is where the magic really happens with energy saving as the Steam Box cooling shell will use less electric than a household light bulb!

We’ll bring you more info on Steam Box upgrades as soon as we here more.

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