When Xi3 first revealed their take on the Steam Box, one particular component may have had PC gamers scratching their heads. While the Steam Box GPU upgrades seem very strong, hard drive space still seems limited. 128GB SSD may seem good in a DVD/Blu-ray-loading 360 or PS4 but when it’s the only form of storing and playing games…128GB simply isn’t enough.

What you’re going to need is Xi3’s answer to expanding the Steam Box hard drive. The SLID3:

steam box hard drive upgrade

The SLID3 will give the Piston console the essential storage space it needs for your Steam games library!

This mass storage device is as tiny as the Piston Steam Box console, (and other Xi3 modular computers) making an artful and convenient addition to your upgradeable console. The SLID3 will give 500GB-2TB of hard drive space to your Piston Steam Box console or XI3 modular computer.

It seems the fantasy of Steam Box is really starting to take form. GPU upgrade and hard drive concerns seem to have been solved. With the Piston Steam Box using regular desktop RAM modules, it’s now down to cooling and Steam OS to really make this upgradeable console shine!

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