Valve recently announced specs for their own Steam Box units. Although powerful CPU and RAM were expected (due to the Xi3’s specs and size) the Geforce Titan was a surprise. Why? Well, it wouldn’t be much of a ‘Steam Box’ with that beast calling the shots?

xi3 piston steam box upgrade

WillValve’s Steam Box be able to maintain its portable console-like size with high-end Nvidia GTX GPU’s?

We very much doubt the technology is there to shrink a Titan GPU to anywhere near the size of Xi3’s upgradeable graphics cards (even Alienware X51 units can only hold GTX 670 cards at a push). So what will Valve’s Steam Box units look like? Will they maintain their ‘upgradeable console’ designs, or will they simply be Valve branded PC towers?

Currently, Valve’s own Steam Box systems are aimed at not only offering maxed-out settings on PS3 and 360 titles, but Xbox One and PS4 titles, too. Every inch of Valve’s systems seem to not only produce raw horsepower, but target those with much deeper pockets…

Just take a look at these official Valve Steam Box specs:

CPU: Intel i7, i5 or i3

RAM: 16GB 1600 DDR3

GPU: Geforce Titan, GTX 780, 760 or 660

While it’s good to see Nvidia and Intel on-board with the Steam Box concept, (after the Xi3 released with AMD CPU and GPU technology) the above specs are not only going to cost, but seriously shape our Steam Box systems. We really can’t see a portable, ‘upgradeable console’ that packs the above GPU’s. Can you?

What do you think Valve’s Steam Box systems will look like? Will they continue to be ‘Steam Box consoles’ or will they begin to form into ‘Steam Towers’?