Update 30/11/13: Although the RRP of Kingston’s HyperX Limited Edition 8GB 1600mhz Kit is £69.99 many stores are selling this reliable kit for as low as £49.99. Add that to Kingston’s life-time warranty, cool eye-catching and installation-friendly design and this Limited Edition becomes worth the investment.

Update 05/11/13: All Kingston’s HyperX Limited Edition 8GB 1600mhz Kits have now been sold out by the manufacturers. This means all currently stocked by retailers are the ONLY kits that will be available. Grab yours quick!

Kingston’s HyperX Limited Edition 8GB 1600mhz Kit Review

Kingston have unleashed their new HyperX Limited Edition 1600mhz RAM kits. As well as being faster and cooler when operating more demanding software, the Kingston HyperX collection seems to become more visually impressive with every release.

Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 8GB RAM Kit Box

The new Limited Edition HyperX 8GB 1600mhz kit from Kingston

One thing we’ve always been impressed with, is Kingston’s ability to implement ease-of-use into their designs. Although simple on paper, RAM can sometimes prove to be a pain on installation. One time goes silky smooth, the other almost requires a hammer.

However, Kingston have put much thought into their new designs, by fully enclosing the HyperX Limited Edition RAM modules in heat-sink casing. The result is a RAM module that looks fantastic, handles comfortably and is a breeze to install.

Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM Kit Unboxed

Will the performance of the new HyperX Limited Edition modules, match their new eye-catching look?

To test the new Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 8GB 1600mhz Kit, we installed them in our test system packing an AMD FX 8320 8 core CPU, an Asus M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard and Windows 8 Pro 64bit. We wanted to see the real difference in jumping from Crucial’s Ballistix Sport 1333mhz 8GB pack, to the Limited Edition HpyerX 1600mhz:

Kingston HyperX 8GB 1600 RAM module

The HyperX Limited Edition has a fantastic installation-friendly shell design…and it still comes with a life-time warranty!

Crucial Ballistix Sport 1333mhz 8GB Kit Dual Channel Test Results (2x 4GB modules):

Crucial Ballistix Sport RAM test

Test results for the Crucial Ballistix 8GB Sport RAM

Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 8GB 1600mhz Kit Review Results (2x 4GB modules – Dual Channel):

Kingston HyperX LE RAM test

Test results for the Kingston HyperX Limited Edition 8GB RAM

While separate Copy and Write tests were better for Crucial Ballistix Sport, memory Read was higher with a score of 11647 megabytes per second. Yes, the results aren’t what you would expect (and the HyperX can only be overclocked by 160mhz) but read is still important for gaming. That and the fact that anything over 1600mhz doesn’t really push noticeable differences when gaming (if you do try and continuously spot the differences, don’t go joining any online clans in a hurry!).

Thanks to Kingston for sending us their Limited Edition HyperX 8GB RAM kit.

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