The Nintendo Switch has barely been on store shelves for two months and like many of us, we can’t stop wishing for everything to be ported to it. Our latest brainstorm would see Ludia’s TMNT: Legends, ported over to Nintendo’s small box of tricks.


Switch is crying out for games and Ludia’s Turtles RPG, would make a much welcomed home and mobile addition.

Yup. We know what you’re thinking and yes, micro-transactions would have to be completely eliminated for the port to work. Once that’s been set aside, Ludia would be left with a strong RPG foundation, they could really run with.


Ludia could carry over quite a bit of TNMT Legends to the Nintendo Switch. Yes, it would still need work but there’s a good RPG foundation, here

TMNT Turtles: Legends already offers an addictive and challenging RPG. Being mobile-focused (free-to-play), the game sprinkles story here and there, but a majority of the game is simply grinding to unlock new characters and stages. Once the free-to-play aspect has been tweaked, Ludia would need to work on how the story could be broadened and better connected to each chapter. However, the real question is whether Ludia should tweak what they have, or fully rework the Turtles RPG for Nintendo Switch?

Card Packs – Eliminate or work with?

In order for TMNT Turtles: Legends to work on the Switch, Ludia would obviously need to eliminate micro-transactions. However, those shiny foil packs did help grab the attention of my inner retro geek. Add Turtles and a 3D RPG system and it was hook, line and sinker. Would Ludia really need to completely scrap that shiny, captivating card pack system?


The big question would be regarding the card shop. Micro-transactions would need to be scrapped but could Ludia keep the card model with in-game currency?

Below are three options Ludia could use:

1. Ludia perform a complete rework of TMNT: Turtles Legends for the Switch. They keep the 3D RPG idea, but give the engine an update to take advantage of Nintendo Switch hardware. The story can be adapted or even completely rewritten/reworked, to suit.

2. All micro-transactions and all related content is taken out of the mobile version of TMNT Turtles: Legends (card packs, greenbacks, pizza and warp cards), leaving Ludia to focus reworking the mechanics and story progression, to suit.

3. Micro-transactions are obviously still taken out, but an in-game currency is introduced. All card packs, greenbacks, pizza and warp cards remain, but the player never pays real cash for these. Instead, playing through the game will generate in-game currency, which is used to progress through TMNT Turtles: Legends. Ludia would still need to work on broadening the story (a Switch game with a £39-49 price tag, would certainly need one), but much of the existing mechanics could stay in place.

Would you like to see a Turtles 3D RPG for the Switch? What are your thoughts on the above scenarios? Hit that comments box and let us know!