The Nintendo Switch blew quite a few minds when it was finally announced to be both a mobile and home console. Simply lifting a tablet-like device from its main home console dock (and attaching those awesome little control pads), allows the player to enjoy home console gaming on the go. Better still, mobile multiplayer gaming!

The Big Question – Battery Life

nintendo switch battery life

Nintendo have amazed us with new mobile gaming possibilities, but will the battery live up to the task?

Q: However, we all know the biggest setback with portable gaming. Battery life. Is the battery really going to be able to give us at least a few hours of home console-quality gaming on the go?

Just an hour or two on my mobile forces me to recharge not longer after. How are Nintendo going to do this?

D4G: It’s no secret that portable gaming has always been held back due to battery life. Tablets, mobile and even the pads (yes, we’re looking at our Wii U control pad!) have suffered major flaws because of this, and if Nintendo don’t get this right, it could ruin the most important aspect of the Nintendo Switch!

That said, it’s also no secret that the mobile market has been heavily researching new battery cell technology (Solid state lithium-ion). Such technology is said to allow a weeks worth of use with just one charge! Nintendo must be looking at this to even consider the concept of home console gaming on a mobile device, let alone produce and announce it!

Also, take into account that the reason why the mobile phone market has never seen this, is all down to size and cost. But we’re on about a console, here. This new tech could easily fit a console design and the costs would balance out by the sheer amount Nintendo would need to produce, plus the cost at retail.

This certainly sounds promising and if Nintendo are looking into the technology we think they are, the dual console design won’t be the only major leap for the Nintendo Switch.

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