Last night, Witcher 3 received the huge 7.6GB update (1.07 patch) that added the welcomed addition of storage boxes. Geralt can now view the map, locate the nearest ‘stash’ symbol (a large, green storage box) and head there to unload or pack extra weapons and items.

witcher 3 stash

The new stash system will allow you to better manage your weapons and items, as well as take some strain off poor Roach

This new Stash update makes collecting alchemy ingredients much easier. It also adds ease to the collection of tools and materials needed for armour and weapons (especially if you like building higher level weapons, to then store them for later – a good Witcher is always prepared!).

witcher 3 storage box

Storage boxes are huge and are designed to stand-out from their surroundings, making it easy for the player to spot them, even amidst crowded venues

One other great use for Stash boxes, is with EXP enhancing weapons and items. If like me, you’re still doing as much as you can before Skellige, bonus EXP weapons and items are essential in character preparation. However, what if you find a more advanced silver sword along the way…but without EXP bonuses? Well, now you have storage boxes in the latest Witcher 3 patch, you can now chop and change between leveling up…and kicking monster ass!

Check out the small video clip, to see a little more on the workings of Witcher 3’s new ‘Stash’ system:

Witcher 3 may have launched with quite a few issues, but consistent bug fixing patches, free DLC and now additional tweaks based on gamer feedback, are easily making CD Projekt Red, one of our favourite developers. They’ve truly earned every sale they’ve acquired. D4G hope they see a whole lot more.

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