Yakuza Kiwami 2 is an amazing action game with an insane amount of detail, side-quests and mini-games. One such game focuses on Hostess Club Management. Not only does this mini game offer a surprising amount of story and depth, but you’ll be able to earn LOTS of money from this!

Preparation – Before Kiryu even enters Club Four Shine

First up, let’s make sure you’re fully equipped to enjoy the full benefits of running the Four Shine hostess club and winning the Cabaret Club GP. Before you even enter the club, be sure to:

– Unlock abilities that enable Kiryu to pickup money from fallen enemies (Life Skill – Token of Appreciation) and fight the golden suited Nouveau Riche thugs that drop large amounts of money when defeated (Life Skill – Law of Attraction).

– Keep your eyes peeled for those shiny glows throughout the streets, as these will reveal hidden locker keys and treasures (such as gold plates). Kiryu can sell these at Pawn shops and the first lockers you’ll be able to use (for all the keys you find) are located at the blue rectangle, just below Bishamon Bridge (when in Sotenbori) and just behind the Melenium Tower, at Taihei Blvd (when in Kamurocho).

– Spend experience on ALL hostess/club related perks: (from ‘Hostess with the Mostess’ right down to ‘Club Hustler Max’):


Hostess with the Mostess and Club Hustler perks are a MUST for the hostess club management side-quests. Make sure you have them all to the max!

Fighting and eating at restaurants (and other eateries) are the key to leveling-up fast enough to grab these perks early on. Also don’t forget to buy plenty of vending machine drinks that enable a temporary EXP boost during fights.

Once the above stats are fully levelled and Kiryu is stocked-up with cash, it’s time to hit da club!


The hostess club games are so addictive! I just wish a Switch version was made, so you could play this and the rest of Kiryu’s amazing story, while on the go!

Opening club Four Shine and choosing the best hostesses

After a short story-driven cut-scene (you’ll be surprised how much story there is for what’s technically a side-quest!), you’ll just need to speak with Yuki to open the club for your very first night. Remember, you’ve levelled your hostess club related perks, so as long as you do the following, your hostess EXP (and Kiryu’s wallet) will seriously stack-up!


Managing club Four Shine will not only boost Kiryu’s bank balance (and we mean BOOST!), but allow you to enjoy one of the most engrossing and addictive side-quests of any game

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Select the right Four Shine hostess for the customer

When selecting hostesses for tables, always focus on the Talk, Party, Love and Skill stats. Remember, the customers smiley will change depending on what hostess you hover over (from the menu on the left of the pic above). They happier the customers smiley, the better – this means the stat they’ve requested, matches a high start perk of that hostess. However, don’t just judge it on this as you may have multiple hostesses that make the customer happy. In that case, focus on the stats (bottom of the image) and choose the hostess with the highest bar for that stat. This will increase customers spending and give a higher chance of the customer extending their stay.

Remember, you can swap hostesses! Stuck with hostesses that are a mismatch for the customer? (display a sad or upset smiley when you hover over their table with the selected hostess). Don’t worry, select the best one you can for now and once another hostess finishes and goes back on the bench, simply swap her with a better matching hostess.

Changing over hostesses is a great trick that will increase sales, boost customer mood and fill-up that important Fever gauge (more on that a little further down).

Learn Four Shine hostess signals

Kiryu will need to learn the hand gestures of the hostesses as fast as possible, if he wishes to please all customers. Study the following main hand gestures (these are also in the order of most common):

Ladies Glass – Hostess will form a ‘C’ shape with one hand

Refill Ice – Hostess will almost shape her hand like a telephone (but pointing down)

Menu – Hostess will place hands together, then open them (as if opening a book)

Towel – Hostess will use both hands to simulate ‘ringing-out’ a towel

Guest Glass – Hostess will form an ‘L’ shape with one hand

Swap Ashtray – Hostess will use both hands to form a circle

Check Please!

The customers basic table time has come to an end. This is where reading the customer and playing it safe with the clubs funds, will help you destroy hostess club competition!

Once the extension option is available:

Extend session – Only offer this if the customer has a pink smiley with a mood of ‘Average’ or above. If successful, the customers mood, spending and even your hostesses HP, all increase.


Knowing when to offer the customer an extended session, will help immensely with club Four Shine’s overall shift earnings

Our apologies – Select this if the customers smiley is upset and their mood is poor (you should never need to offer a gift as this just costs the club money and will work against you when it comes to staking-up the clubs overall takings.

When there is no option to extend

Give girl a reward¬†– Only select this if the HP for your hostess is below a quarter of her full bar and all other hostesses are busy (reducing the chances of giving her a rest). This will give her a huge boost of HP for the rest of the evening…but use it sparingly as this will be deducted from your final nights takings!

Gracious Send Off – Try to use this one whenever you can. If the hostess has a good level of HP remaining, use this option to add to the customers mood and get them to spread word, adding more fans to the club (and it doesn’t cost you a penny!).

Praise girl – This is the go-to option if your hostess is low on HP. This will refill her HP slightly but it won’t drain the club of takings earned for that night. However, if she’s practically running on empty, you’ll have no choice but to select the option with reward (unless that nights shift is seconds from ending…in that case, don’t give away earning to the competition!).

Fever mode!

Below your total takings (top left of the screen), you’ll notice a ‘Fever’ bar with 3 levels. Once you pass at least one full level, you’ll be able to activate Fever mode (by pressing R1). During this mode, the customers will ‘make it rain’, hostess HP will regenerate and customer mood will drastically improve (even from sad!).

Tactics to remember when using R1 Fever mode:

– Each level on the bar represents how many tables will be affected by Fever mode. Lv1 will affect 2 tables. Lv2 will affect 4 tables and Lv3 will affect all 6 tables. Use this to your advantage.

– Remember, Fever mode increases customer mood. Do you have more than one table where the hostesses were a mismatch for customers? (and you can’t swap yet?). Fever mode can save your butt! Hit R1 and watch their mood and spending change for the better!

Once your first shift comes to a close, you’ll be glad you levelled-up for hostess club-related EXP perks. Just watch that EXP stack and your hostesses skill levels soar!


Grab all those club-related perks before entering Four Shines! If you never got around to it, hit the streets immediately and start brawling, drinking EXP boosts and eating out. Trust us, you’ll thank us later…

Club Four Shine Partners and Scouting for new Hostesses

Now you’ve completed your first night of club management, it’s time to build partners and scout for new hostess talent (you’ll see these options in the club menu after talking to Yuki).

Partners: You need this before you can scout. After you’ve completed your first night, head straight out of the club and you’ll notice that certain bars and restaurants nearby, will display wine glass symbols. This means you can pay to partner (advertise) with them. The advice for this is simple – buy as many partners as you can afford (don’t worry, you’ll make good money back with every night you open and run the club).

Scouting: Once you have partners, you can advertise for new hostess talent. The club will desperately need new hostesses to begin with and you’ll need to hire at least 12 hostesses as soon as possible (so you can always rest a full team while the others are working), but once again, buy as many as you can afford. Once you select the scouting option, it will display a cash amount required (this will skyrocket after each scouting campaign – hence our money making advice to begin with) so just keep going until it no longer finds a girl (unless the ‘Scouting option is greyed out – in that case, make sure there are no more partners you can acquire first).

Taking on the competition in the Cabaret Club GP

Once you’ve gained more partners and hostesses, it’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test and qualify (as well as make some serious money), via the Ranking Match option. Once you’ve gained enough, you’ll be invited to take-on that leagues current champion! Check out these extra tips to help you conquer the Cabaret Club GP:

Always have a backup team:

Once you have at least 12 hostesses (but always scout for as many as you can!), you’ll be able to rest at least a full team, while the others work. This tactic is CRUCIAL for success during a Championship match. This is due to ranking matches draining your hostesses HP points and current moods. Once the opportunity to face a league champion presents itself, immediately rest all your best hostesses and put out low-level hostesses (always good to level them all up anyway) in a regular Ranking Match. Once you’ve completed the shift, all your best hostesses moods and HP will have regenerated. Now is the time to put them out on the club floor, for the Championship battle!

Look after your hostesses:

– As the Cabaret Club GP story progresses, you’ll soon have the option to take hostesses out to get to know them better (they’ll have wine glass symbols display above their heads, while in the club). ALWAYS take your hostesses out, as this will help boost their EXP dramatically.

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