If you want to turn your PC into a powerful last-gen gaming rig, check out our recommended graphics cards that will have your PC comfortably playing Xbox 360 and PS3 games. There is a huge variation of Nvidia GPU’s on the market, so read on and find out exactly what you need to get gaming! (and take full advantage of those amazing Steam PC game sales!).

Just in case your on a budget, lets start with the minumim, low-cost GPU’s:

Best Nvidia GFX Cards for Xbox 360 and PS3 Games On Medium Settings

Nvidia: GTX 650

Special Note: a ‘GTX’ card from Nvidia is a MUST to give your PC the tech it will need to fully produce 360 and PS3 graphics. ‘GT’ cards may be able to run these last-gen games but they will be unable to process many visual enhancements made possible by the Kepler GPU and TXAA Anti Aliasing (features on the GTX series of Nvidia cards).

Best Nvidia GFX Cards for Xbox 360 and PS3 Games On High/Ultra Settings

If you wish to dial everything up to the maximum and have your games looking and running better then Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, strive to buy these GPU’s at the very least:


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nvidia gtx 750

The GTX 750 is the perfect card to run the most demanding Xbox 360 and PS3 games at the highest settings (i.e Bioshock: Infinite and The Witcher 2)

Nvidia: GTX 660


GTX 750

The above cards are still available from around £60-£100. Not bad considering the more expensive GPU’s can even introduce you to entry-level next-gen gaming (1st-gen Xbox One and PS4 games).

What should I already have in my PC to use the above graphics cards?

To really get your moneys worth out of the above cards, we’d strongly recommend at least a quad core CPU with at least 4GB of RAM (but we would strongly recommend 8GB RAM).

Want to play more demanding games on your PC? Check out the best graphics cards for Xbox One and PS4 games

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