Last November saw the release of another WWE licensed game. But this release wasn’t just another quick cash-in that milked the Smackdown and RAW franchise. This release was WWE 12. A reboot of WWE that focused more on the complete WWE experience rather than allowing you to simply fight as your favourite wrestlers.

wwe 12 ps3

WWE 12 may have been the 12th edition, but it’s the first true WWE experience!

The most striking improvement over past WWE games are character animations, both in and out of the ring. Never before has Stone Cold Steve Austin looked so bad ass! Never before has a signature move looked so punishing or a reversal looked so fluid. But THQ never considered this “job done”. They had much more to offer the WWE universe!

wwe wrestlers

Character animations are incredible but this is just a fraction of what makes WWE 12!

Creating a wrestler has been part of the WWE game franchise for a while, but WWE 12 took customisation to a new level. Tons of customisable moves, huge variation to wrestler creation and the ability to even create your own WWE arenas, give WW12 the edge, not just over past WWE/WWF games…but over most fighting games on every platform! Think about it…how many fighting games out there offer huge replayability once you’ve seen every character ending?

wwe arena creation

Create your own WWE character, arena and even your preferred WWE TV schedule!


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In the past, many WWE games struggled to reach the mighty “9” score with critics. No Mercy and Smackdown VS Raw 2007 were always our favourite WWE brawlers, but WWE 12 is not only the first game to score higher than many AAA beat ’em up titles, it’s the first to truly capture the essence of what sells WWE tickets. TV-like camera angles and WWE show scheduling top this latest release perfectly. There is no doubt in our minds that WW12 is finally a release that fans and newcomers will enjoy for many years to come.

wwe character creation

The WWE 12 wrestler creation system is so powerful, gamers have been able to create ex-WWE superstars, such as Jeff Hardy (the man is a legend to us!)

WWE 12 may be the greatest triumph in sports entertainment gaming, but we couldn’t help but clench our fists slightly when reading certain criticisms. “Too much going on outside the ring” and “we want to see wrestling, not acting” were among the major culprits of our nail-indented palms. Sorry, we honestly thought the perfect TV-to-game or movie-to-game licenses would be those that truly captured what made them a hit in the first place?

To those critics who thought WWE 12 had too much story, too much drama, too much “happenings outside the ring”. Maybe you should actually WATCH some WWE? To capture the fans attention and emotions within the ring, you first must create the meaning, the purpose, the story outside of it. WW 12 captured exactly what made WWE. In other words…a TV-to-game license triumph.

As well as your thoughts on WWE 12, what about WWE itself? What are your views on the current story lines of Smackdown and RAW? What do you think of WWE’s current characters and where are you with that sudden bombshell of Rock VS Cena? Get posting and let us know!