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How do I get more money for my pre-owned games at D4Gameplay?

Easy! Believe it or not, you can keep your games in new condition (what we call “Immaculate Condition”), even after owning them for number of years! Simply:

– Make sure to handle your game disc by the outer edges only

Always keep your game instruction manuals in their game cases and secured under their clasps (don’t leave them loose in the case). As soon as you’re finished reading it…put it back!

Never leave your game disc in the console when you’ve finished playing it. Always take it out and carefully put it back in its case. Disc readers can cause marks when your games are left in them for long periods of time. If your console is ever moved with the game in, this can also cause damage (hence the 360 problem). Gamers will also have a higher chance of placing games back in the wrong case when game discs are left in the console (a death sentence for any game disc)

Always keep your games neatly stacked on/within something clean and secure, such as a bookcase/shelf or in a DVD/Games rack

Be sure to dust your game cases over time. Ever wondered why smears mysteriously appear on your game boxes? That’s heavy dust build-up mixed with the changing temperatures of the room. Regularly dust your games. Problem solved!

Follow these steps and you’ll always get paid more for your second hand games with D4Gameplay!