Early fans of one of gaming’s oldest RPG’s will have seen Phantasy Star grow and make major changes throughout its shelf life. From Master System to PC, this is one RPG that’s had major tweaks over the years (and you thought Square had turned Final Fantasy on its head?). So what does this mean for Phantasy Star Online 2? With a huge online fan base and dedicated developers, we can say one thing…Phantasy Star Online 2 has more potential than you may think…

phantasy star online 2 dual saber

We've missed those dual sabers! We can't wait to wield them in Phantasy Star Online 2!

So what’s new about Phantasy Star Online 2? Well, recent previews show the game still offers its much-loved cyberpunk monster hunting style and huge OTT boss battles. However, trailers (unfortunately in Japanese) show exciting new additions such as mechwarrior-like suits, weapon grapple moves (throwing a skewered enemy or tossing a foe around in circles, after securing it around your whip/chains!) insane combos and 3D rendered com-link communications.

phantasy star online 2 mechwarrior

Go 'Gundam' on your foes but don't forget to stand out from the crowd as you mech-launch them sky-high!

The new features certainly suggest that Phantasy Star Online 2 has access to a much broader budget. The character creation system looks to be far more advanced with customisation possibilities to match that of the recent WWE 12 game. Character body shape, facial features, costumes and even the Mech-like suits can be fully tailored to the player.

phantasy star online 2 cosplay

If Cosplay is your thing, Phantasy Star Online 2 seems to offer all the customisation options you'll need!

These new introductions may give Phantasy Star Online 2 a much welcomed enhancement, but they’re still not THE major tweak to the Phantasy Star series. SEGA have at last, upgraded the combat system to that of Devil May Cry standard! Your attacks are now linked to a PP (stamina) meter, enabling you to unleash and chain an on-going number of combo attacks. Players can now use their weapons to ‘juggle’ enemies in the air, enabling Dante-like air combos that keep the action as fluid as possible.

phantasy star online 2 combo

The new Phantasy Star Online 2 combo system in action!

Of course, you can’t enhance the combat system without adding to enemy AI. Instead of staggering toward you with a prolonged sense of curiosity, the enemies of Phantasy Star Online 2 will now seek your death in a heart beat. They’ll charge at you, swarm you in groups and really give you a reason to master the new Phantasy Star Online 2 combo system.

The real potential of Phantasy Star Online 2

Modern Warfare and Battlefield games currently dominate the all-time bestseller spots. Immersing story lines, fun gameplay and incredibly deep multiplayer not only helped these two titles take the bestselling crown, but ensured Modern Warfare’s reign for some time. But what if Phantasy Star Online 2 could do the same? We all know it has the potential to deliver the deep and addictive multiplayer. We all know the new combat system will work in the games favour, keeping existing fans loyal, while attracting new players.

As long as Phantasy Star Online 2 can offer an immersing and believable solo campaign story, (and make it at least 6 hours in length) the game will then actually contain the formula that helped Modern Warfare climb to the top. This may be a bold statement, but if addictive incentives are sprinkled throughout PSO2’s multiplayer and a solid solo story is formed…Phantasy Star Online CAN go on to meet ‘n greet Modern Warfare at the top!

Unfortunately SEGA have also raised a few more hurdles for themselves:

– At the moment, Phantasy Star Online 2 is PC only!
– Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently only scheduled for Japanese release!

Yup. Sega are sure making this hard for themselves. It’s as if they just don’t realise the potential that Phantasy Star Online 2 has. I think it’s time us gamers told them. I first played Phantasy Star on the Master System and first marvelled at its online multiplayer on the Dreamcast. I’m not gonna stand here and let SEGA put the final nail in PSO’s coffin by allowing them to do this!

This post has now become a Phantasy Star Online 2 petition! If you want to see Phantasy Star Online released outside of Japan and want to see a multi-platform release (EVERYONE should as it will ensure the survival of the franchise) then please show your support by posting below! Thanks!