Update: Resonance of Fate is now available on the US and UK PSN!

The challenging JRPG Resonance of Fate has recently hit Xbox Live’s Games On Demand section. Priced at a reasonable ¬£17.99 the JRPG was very welcomed by critics and even received a very respectable 8.5 from the tough-loving Gamespot. But…where is it on Sony’s PSN? A scan through both the UK and US versions proved that SEGA have yet to release their JRPG classic to the PlayStation Network.

resonance of fate xbox live

Resonance Of Fate is now available to buy on XBOX Live’s Games On Demand service

Resonance of Fate is a classic JRPG with an added twist. Instead of fantasy-style magic and bladed weapons, you’ll unleash punishment on your foes with guns…lots of guns! It’s the first JRPG that solely uses such weapons and not only that, critics have also labelled it “strategically challenging”. Don’t expect to fly-through this RPG as enemies will require some hard strategy to overcome and we’re not even referring to the bosses!

resonance of fate gun gameplay

Miss a good JRPG? Like guns? Try Resonance Of Fate

If you’re a 360 gamer and you’re into your JRPG’s, you MUST download Resonance of Fate when you next get the chance!

Resonance of Fate is another of our classics that we always wanted to see on PSN and XBOX Live, along with Valkyria Chronicles. Check out our article on Valkyria Chronicles on PSN. Lets hope we can all download these great games, real soon!