One thing the console will always have over the PC, is pure comfort. Our PS3’s and Xbox 360’s will always offer comfortable gaming through the use of a chair or sofa. But do we take that for granted? What if we suddenly need to play & charge?

We’ve all been there before. You’re approaching a hard boss or section of tough enemies (or your just playing Dark Souls with no pause menu!) and your pad suddenly begins to lose interest in what you’re doing. It needs a charge but you’re nowhere near a save point…bugger! The only thing you can do is get that play and charge cable in quick…but now the ps3 charge cable won’t reach the sofa! Looks like it’s numb butt cheeks for the next 2 hours…

longer ps3 play and charge cables

REACH! REACH...DAMMIT! Stop sitting on the floor! D4G now offer longer PS3 play and charge cables, so you can park your gaming butt back on that comfy sofa

It looks like you need to update your PS3 peripherals! Thankfully you don’t need to hurl that sofa over your shoulders, like a WWE superstar. You can now simply buy a longer PS3 play & charge cable from D4G! Yeah, we know…we do look out for our fellow gamers! 😀

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